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Welcome to www.popmorphic.com, the World's first Polymorphic® music website. Popmorphic is a brand new technology that allows you to experience music video in a completely new way. It is the world's first morphic player which lets you watch an artist's performance in a different way every time.

This is a solution for live concert or concerts of rock music and rock pop with which live music can be shared using networking software. Sharing of photos is also possible as well as finding friends or writing blogs and journals. Blogging and journaling for bands and their music with pics is allowed when you join groups in forums where classifieds are used. The online social networking side of the software introduces items for the music business magazine and music industry website as well as the music industry magazine. The weekly music magazine deals with issues on free music streaming, videos, photos, lyrics and charts whilst artist biographies and concerts are subjects for the embedded internet radio and TV where digital marketing, is used in conjunction with creative web design and campaigns for social music videos in mp3 format as used by NME Radio, for example.

New music downloads are available along with free music. Here you can buy tickets, merchandise and t-shirts. All photography, including digital photography from camera phones, and any other type of photo or photos taken with a digital camera with compact flash, or any cameras with smart media, can be used to upload video or pictures. Music video or free music video is also available and you can watch music videos from Universal Music, Polydor, Island Records, No Carbon Records and Mercury, these include vids, clips, full episodes, trailers, free video, tv shows, commercials, animation, cartoons, video clip, funny videos, etc. Available are also Free Music downloads and Free music pictures whilst Reviews can be heard on Internet radio. You can buy here Gig tickets, and check the Music charts and the Music news for Live music, Music interviews and Music Reviews.

If you want to be sharing video content from your camera phone or video phone free, this is the place for you. Here you can upload or watch videos, channels, playlist and vj for many artists, as well as search, browse, play or view your favourite performances. Music video codes, including html codes for myspace type sites or mobile music for mobile phone music and downloads can be obtained here so that you can easily download music to mobile or get music on mobile phone from a music station directly to Vodafone, for example. Free Music Videos or Videos you can Watch or Download include Popular Music Videos, heavy metal, hardcore, hard rock and other music videos from heavy metal bands that offer heavy metal music, live concerts, death metal, goth and punk styles that can be used for podcast or itunes.

Other important aspects of this site are the embedded media player with morphic media functionality from POLYMORPHICŪ TECHNOLOGIES as created by the QMorphicŪ Corporation. They have explored The Implicate Order and Polymorphism relating to enfolded and unfolded space relative to a singular implicate point. Subsequent to the completion and enabling of the first polymorphic film The Next Room and described in other presentation materials and literature including a technical guide co-authored with Claudio Ingrosso, it became apparent that the film, although unintentional at the time, and from later research, empirically represented a logically constructed implicate order that enabled by a polymorphic engine gave rise to logically constructed explicate orders. The generative efficiency of this experimental film from wholeness vastly greater than the sum of its parts was such that it also gave rise to some fundamental questions and a search for answers concerning the possibility that this revealing concept, however crude by comparison, may already be existent and at work in Nature.

This technology has primarily been used in further media applications including polymorphic pop videos with perfect audio visual concatenation, polymorphic sport applications enabling the play of real footage with virtual results and education videos facilitating bespoke and new learning.

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